How to use jelly glue patch and liquid glue to achieve the effect of strong press-on nails without hurting hands?

How to use jelly glue patch and liquid glue to achieve the effect of strong press-on nails without hurting hands?

Generally speaking, consumers who use press-on nails will have a basic tool set, including: jelly glue patches, liquid glue, small wooden sticks, rubbing strips, and alcohol cotton pads. When choosing glue, jelly glue patches do not hurt the hand but are not strong, and liquid glue is strong but hurts the nail. So how should we take advantage of the advantages of both and avoid their shortcomings?

Hana invited 100 press-on nails enthusiasts and conducted a 20-day experiment and found that the most frequent reasons why the jelly glue patches are not firm are:

The contact surface between the jelly glue patch and the press-on nails is unstable because the inner surface of the nails is too smooth.

After discovering this reason, Hana's product team explored the simplest way to use jelly glue patches and liquid glue to make the nails strong and not hurt the hands. If you only have the basic tools in the press-on nails kit above, be sure to try the following methods to wear your press-ons:

1. Use a rubbing strip to polish the nail (this step can be omitted, depending on personal preference).
2. Use an alcohol pad to wipe the nail and let it air dry.
3. Attach a jelly glue patch of appropriate size to each nail (***Please note: it is best to choose a patch size that can occupy more than 80% of the nail, and the jelly glue patch must cover the bottom of the nail surface ).
4. Use a small wooden stick to press each pasted jelly glue patch.
5. Apply a thin layer of liquid glue to the bottom of the press-on nails.
6. Slowly press the press-on nails from the lower end to cover your nails.
7. Press each nail for more than five seconds.


In this way, we guarantee:
1. Only the jelly glue patch touches our own nails.
2. There is liquid glue between the contact surface of the jelly glue patch and the press-on nails as a solid secondary guarantee.
3. The liquid glue does not touch our own nails.

That is to say:
1. When removing nails, we can still remove press-on nails by soaking them in hot water.
2. The firmness of press-on nails is enhanced.
3. The only thing you may need to purchase additionally is a glue remover, which is used to dissolve the liquid glue between the press-on nails and the jelly glue patches to ensure that the press-on nails can be used again.

This method can ensure that your press-on nails stay strong for more than two weeks. If you are worried about the firmness of press-on nails, come and try it!
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