Two types of press-on nails: machine nails and handmade nails

Currently, there are two types of press-on nails on the market: factory machine nails and handmade nails. You may see press-on nails priced under $10 or even $3 to $4 on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. These are machine-made nails. These cheap press-on nails give you more Low cost option. In addition, there are also purely handmade nail pieces. The price of these nail pieces is slightly higher than the former, but the quality, workmanship and other details are much better than the former. This article will explain in detail the difference between machine nails and hand-made press-on nails.

First, there is no doubt that the production methods are different. Machine nails are mass-produced by factories, while each piece of hand-made nails is made by a manicurist himself.

Secondly, the number of nail flakes contained in the product is different. Robotic nails generally contain 24 or more nail pieces. This is partly because of the low production cost, and on the other hand because the size of the nail pieces can cover the size of the nail surface of most people, which can effectively reduce the probability of return or exchange. Handmade press-on nails generally only contain 10 nail pieces, and the size of the handmade nails will be written on the sale, allowing consumers to measure and choose by themselves. This is because the production cost of handmade nails is high.

Again, prices vary. The price of machine-made nails is generally less than US$10 per pair, while the price of hand-made nails varies depending on the complexity of the process. Generally speaking, the price will vary greatly.

Also, the details are different. Machine nails are far inferior to handmade nails in terms of thickness, coloring, design, etc. The most distinctive feature of machine nails is their "plastic texture", while handmade nails are basically the same as the manicure you get in a nail salon. Moreover, for manicure with additional decoration, such as 3D decoration, this cannot be mass-produced by machines.

Generally speaking, handmade press-on nails beat machine nails in terms of texture. Of course, many consumers are flocking to robotic armor because of its super favorable price. However, the current handmade press-on nails are moving towards fast fashion and are committed to providing cost-effective press-on nails for consumers who pursue nail salon quality. As a professional handmade press-on nails brand, Hana provides you with cost-effective nail art products priced at only a dozen US dollars, and can be shipped worldwide, with free shipping for orders over US$30. Welcome everyone to come to Hana to buy the most cost-effective handmade press-on nails.

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