Will press-on nails make the nails unable to breathe?

Will press-on nails make the nails unable to breathe?

The conclusion is that nails do not "breathe", but nail growth requires oxygen, and press-on nails can be a good alternative to nail polish to expose the nails to oxygen while making the nail surface beautiful.

Nail and hair proteins are the same. Fingernails are made of keratin, a substance also found in skin and hair. The average thickness of a nail is about 0.3 mm, which is equivalent to 100 to 150 layers of keratin. It contains a significant number of sulfur atoms (an amino acid containing sulfur), which increases the strength of keratin, and people with hard nails have higher concentrations of this amino acid. Between the cuticles is a thin layer of fat and water that gives the nail cap its elasticity and shine.

Nails are made of dead cells. So, contrary to what many people believe, nails don’t “breathe,” but the cuticles and nail beds require oxygen, vitamins, and minerals to nourish them. Therefore, applying nail polish directly is not good for your nail health. On the contrary, using press-on nails instead of traditional nail polish will leave gaps between the nails and the glue surface. These gaps will allow the nails to have space to contact oxygen. To a certain extent, using press-on nails is healthier for your nails than applying nail polish directly to your nails.

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